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Literacy is more than just what happens in a classroom

Our Story

The Literacy, Technology, & Culture Lab within New York University's Teaching and Learning Department is committed to researching early childhood education interventions pertaining to literacy in the formal and informal settings in New York City.


The Lab was founded on a dream of increasing equity in in Literacy research and getting at the heart of how children develop literacy skills not just in schools, but in their lives.


Our Mission

While we know children spend much of their time in school and other formal academic spaces, we know too that they spend much of their time outside of those spaces. What learning is happening in those spaces? And what learning can happen in those spaces?

Here at the LTC Lab, we seek to answer those questions because we believe that to increase equity in American education, we must focus on the whole child and their environment. Thus we look to non-traditional and informal spaces to find how and where kids may be learning and gaining the literacy skills they need to succeed in life. We aim to evaluate these spaces with top quality and ethical research practices, attentive to each new situation we encounter. 

Literacy, Technology, and Culture?

While literacy much of how we conceive literacy is based in the word, we find it is imperative to see how literacy is based in the world. To examine literacy is to examine the cultures and technologies that pervade our lives and the lives of the youth we care for.


Literacy, culture, and technology form three pillars embedded in everything we do. They represent an essential part of the fabric of Modern life. We named our lab in honor of these pillars, to see to it that our research is conscientious of the myriad and complex ways in which children don't just come to the word, but to the world as well.


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