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​We are investigating two of their initiatives:


Mighty Small Moments is a movement to educate Milwaukee families about brain development and inspire them to see even brief moments as opportunities to help their children grow. This movement supports parents by creating learning zones in places where families spend time and celebrating them as their child’s first teacher.

A PopSpot! is a specially curated location, like a bus shelter, that encourages parents to engage their young child in learning activities. These spaces are designed to help parents become their child’s first teacher through matching exercises, counting activities, color-based learning and so much more!

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The City of Milwaukee’s Office of Early Childhood Initiatives (OECI) opened its doors in 2018 with a vision to ensure every child has the building blocks for success in school and life.


Supporting high-quality early learning in the first years of life is the most effective investment in human capital a community can make. And that a strong early learning community is the very foundation of a thriving city. 

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